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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Fiduciary?
Yes, as Investment Advisor Representatives, we are held to a Fiduciary standard when we manage investments for our clients. In addition, our Certified Financial PlannersTM are always held to a fiduciary standard.
Are your Advisors experienced?
Yes, we are highly experienced, career Financial Advisors with decades of experience. Many of our clients have been with us for decades and we are glad to provide references to any prospective client.
Is my money safe?
We only use the largest and best Custodians to safeguard our client assets. We use either Charles Schwab or Fidelity. Your securities are held directly with the Custodian and your monthly statement will come directly from them. You will have on-line access to view your accounts at any time. In addition, your investments are covered by SIPC insurance.
How much do you charge?
When we manage investment portfolios for clients, we generally charge 1% of assets under our care. Our fees are negotiable and will decrease as certain asset levels are reached. For Financial Planning services, our CFP®’s charge $250/hr. Call us for a custom proposal.
Do you have minimum account size?
Generally, we only accept new accounts exceeding $500,000. However, we do occasionally make exceptions when it is in the best interest of the client. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.
Do you have a minimum financial planning fee?
No, we only charge for the time we have invested. Most traditional financial planning engagements take around 8 hours to complete. We always provide an upfront estimate of the total cost, and if we determine more time is needed, we will discuss with you before proceeding.
What makes Masonboro Advisors different from other firms?
Unlike most of our competitors, we manage our client’s investments in-house without using expensive mutual funds or third-party managers. We don’t outsource because it adds unnecessary costs that the client must bear in addition to the advisor’s fee. We feel that when our clients hire us, they do so for OUR expertise. We therefore take pride in managing our portfolios ourselves with NO additional hidden fees. We’ve been doing this for over four decades and we do it well. What you see is what you get with us!
Is there a contract or any long-term commitment?
No, clients are free to leave the firm at any time if they are not satisfied. Fees will be pro-rated and returned if a client leaves mid-quarter.
Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes, for Financial Planning fees, we accept Mastercard, VISA, or American Express. We also accept payment by check via ACH.

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